About me



Marilyn has worked for more than 35  years helping children and adults as an educator. Marilyn started practicing yoga in the mid-90s and has been teaching yoga for the past 19 years. She has always exercised whether it was walking, dancing, running or yoga. Marilyn has always been active and maintains a healthy life style. It wasn't until she moved through her journey with breast cancer 20 years ago that she discovered the true meaning of what yoga was all about. It was learning how to relax and enjoy life by reducing stress and anxiety and being more present in her everyday life. That was the birth of "A New Day Yoga". Marilyn decided to spread her excitement and passion for yoga to everyone. Marilyn's philosophy has always been that every day is a new day. So that led to the birth of A NEW DAY YOGA because for Marilyn everyday was a new beginning. Marilyn believes in maintaining a healthy life style not just on the mat but off the mat too.  Marilyn believes what we put in our bodies and how we think about ourselves is as important as what we practice on the mat.Marilyn is a certified yoga teacher, for adults as well as children. Marilyn is a Reiki Master, Shake Your Soul/Kripalu Yoga Danskinetics teacher