Yoga Classes

Yoga is a form of exercise that incorporates mind, body and spirit. It is an ancient Indian mind/body practice which traditionally prescribes physical postures and movements (asanas), breath work (pranayama), diet, ethics, concentration and meditation in order to live skillfully and to achieve emancipation (samadhi).

Every class varies in intensity and purpose. Usually the class begins with a moment of quiet. You will be guided through some gentle warm up exercises and then into a series of postures. During the class proper breathing is taught and encouraged. At the end of class you will be guided into some relaxing poses. Classes range from 60-90 minutes in length.


Shake Your Soul

If you love music and love to dance, this may be the class for you. Each class is a unique experience, incorporating elements of yoga, dance, movement therapy with rhythms of music from around the world. It is appropriate for all fitness levels.

Benefits: energizing, rejuvenating, allows for free movement, promotes a sense of community, Great fun filled exercise


On The Go Yoga Classes

We offer on site yoga classes at your business! Lunchtime classes available (allowing your employees to return to work refreshed) 


More Focus

Strenthens the immune system

More Flexibility

Helps Employees to de-stress

 Improves Morale